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I would like to take the time to wish students and parents a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In January the students will review Fractions and set the paste with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions along with order of operations with fractions.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me by email,

                       Thanks in advance; Ms. Kirby Doucette

Today the students had a mini test on Multiplying and Dividing Integers. The next section that we will be starting tomorrow will be order of operations with integers.  Once completed we shall start fractions. 

The Mathematics Booklet is based on Unit 2: Integers with Multiplications.  This booklet will be due Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, Thanks in Advance.  Ms. Kirby Doucette

Today we got started with Unit 2: Integers, the students will be modeling integers with multiplying and dividing integers along with order of operations.  Homework tonight is Page 67 numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8.  Thanks, the text can be found at Grade 8 Mathematics Textbook 

Today was Anti-bullying Day at the Eskasoni Elementary & Middle School.  The Students participated with the national awareness of bullying and wore pink for awareness, along with the students with the most pink were rewarded with a pizza party.  This year the pizza party went to Mrs. Karen Cox grade 8 class.  Congrads to Karen and her students for the great job.  Students watched a video in the afternoon on bullying.  

Grade 8 students will be having a Mathematics test on Friday on The Pythagorean Theorem, Pythagorean Triple, Finding the missing legs, angles, squares, square roots and perfect squares.  

Students in Grade 8 Health are working on the 7 Sacred Teachings.  These teachings are based on a positive outlook which are, respect, honesty, truth, wisdom, courage, and humility.  At this time we are learning about respect and wisdom, which involves us to change our mindset.  To change our mindset is to change our wordings to something positive for example "I can't do this".  To have a positive aspect in life, we have to change the way we say things in a positive manner, such as "How can I change this to understand, or who can help me understand better."  

Due Date: 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Students will be taking home their Math Textbook in which they will be working on Page 43, 44; and questions 5 and 6 which is an take out assignment.  This will be collected on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

The Grade 8 Students in Mathematics will be writting a 200-400 word Essay on Pythagoras.  This is to explore more indebt about Pythagoras, and about expanding their Mathematical vocabulary.  This paper is due on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016.  Students were aware of this essay since November 4, 2016.   This is their major project this term, which is valued at 20% of the term.  Thanks, Kirby Doucette

This is the Grade 8 Textbook for Mathematics.  


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