• Eskasoni Elementary and Middle School Mawio'mi
    EEMS will be hosting our very own Mawio'mi on Monday, June 17th. This event is open to the public and we hope to see everyone there!
  • We'koqma'q Regional Science Fair winners!
    Congratulations to winners from EEMS!
  • Pink Day 2017
    Wela'liek NADACA
  • NITAP DAY 2018
    Greeting from your friends and the Eskasoni Elementary and Middle School.
  • Cape Breton Highlanders
    Tuesday, February 7, 2017 DCMO - "Don't Count me out!"


To view and save photos, follow the link below:

2020 EEMS Kindergarten Graduation Photos


This award is open to all 5-12 year old Mi'kmaq children of Nova Scotia.  The first place winner receives a trophy and $250.00, second place receives a trophy and $175.00, and third place rece


Are you a young woman in Junior High or High School interested in science?

Join us for CBU's Women in Science Event

Register at:  www.cbu.ca/Eskasoni-wise